Citizen editorial Cartoons Musharraf Murder

February 12th, 2011
by Saint Peter II

Long time Pentagon aide The Commando, aka Musharraf, has been charged with the Murder of populist leader Bhutto. Due a long time policy of complete support for the most ruthless dictators, it seems only a question of time before an American involvement in Bhutto’s murder comes home to roost. Among the most unfortunate results of our dictators first policy is that the American public pays the PR price for policies made without its knowledge or consent. 

Below Misters Drip and Drop of The 6:01 News are grave side at Bhutto’s burial. 

 Eventuall we will extend to Pakistan the same benefits of out foreign policiesthat we provided to Cambodia and all will reap the same benefits.

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February 2nd, 2011
by Saint Peter II

At some point in the not too far future citizens of The United Corporations of Earth will  wonder about their past and read the history of the UCE. This is what they will find.

While there will be no Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the UCE other provisions will be made.

Tradition is important in the UCE and none more so than buying politicians.

Illitteracy reaches new heights.

New players take the field.

Protect our industrial base.

The Chinese are a great people and they make a lot of things we need, but there are limits.

How will our politicians feel about working for foreigners.

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January 29th, 2011
by Saint Peter II

In none of his rulings has Clarence Thomas shown any mercy for those in a tight spot and now the question of mercy has come home to roost. Should Clarence be shown mercy for what can only be a long term tax scam? Should he be allowed to slide or should other factors be taken into consideration and seen as mitigating circumstances? The first thing that comes to mind is that Clarence can plead that he can’t read what is in front of him and that claim would seem to have merit. He could also plead that he simply doesn’t know what he is doing and that’s another strong argument. In any even he can plead that he not be required to repay that taxes he owes due to services rendere3d to the country as discussed by Misters Drip & Drop of The 6:01 news below. 

Above all with respect to Clarence it needs to be remembered that just because someone is a character doesn’t mean they have character.

 What’s up with the Supreme Court, I mean currently.

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Citizen Editorial Cartoons: Jobs and Economics

January 27th, 2011
by Saint Peter II

The unemployment situation has now reached disastrous proportions and remains unaffected by the rise in the stock market or of profits shown by major corporations. Never was it more clear that the interests of Wall Street and Main Street are not at all the same, that what’s good for one may not be good for the other and that one can prosper while the other withers. Currently profits are widely announced as if they are good news for all, as if they are the recovery, but the reality is they benefit few and represent a clarion call to a government that provids incentives for outsourcing jobs to other countries. Never was the relationship between profit and jobs more clear than the Madison Square Garden match up between Max Profits and Hugh Jobs.

So what is really needed?

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Citizen Editorial Cartoons: JOBS MISPLACED OR GONE

January 23rd, 2011
by Saint Peter II

Was that gut right when he sang of a foreman telling the laid off workers, “these jobs are going boys and they won’t be coming back?” Below you can see unemployment has recovery on the ropes in the preliminary bout at the Madison Square.

Below you will see the main event where the relationship between Wall Street profit and jobs becomes clear. The profits corporations, many of them TAPRED,  make bears little to do with the needs of the country. There are now three classes of people very concerned about their source of income: 1. the unemployed 2. the under employed 3. those who have fallen of the charts. In the mean mean time the government seeks to print it’s way out of the train wreck it caused.

 In Dumpstervill life goes on much the same as always with politics being a main concern.

Even though underemployed some still mindlessly cling to the old ways. They seek to conserve and are against anyone who advocates progress.

What about the future? Will we be saved by the lucrative contracts Obama is working out with the Chinese?

One thing you can count on is that the bureaurats will continue to provide aid to Americans facing hardship.

Still, picked to the bones by government costs many are to proud to accept help.

Aside from the robust job creation in other countries there was recently some good news for Americans in the headlines.

Below Misters Drip & Drop of The 6:01 News investigate the murder of Mr Dollar, popular American hero.

A lot of what is going on is shocking, but it should be remembered that people get the government they deserve in most cases. Maybe if people paid 10% of the attention to whom was managing the public store as it does to whom is in the playoffs, we wouldn’t be in this fix.

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CITIZEN EDITORIAL CARTOONS:Times of Stress and Decision

January 12th, 2011
by Saint Peter II

In the American Revolution the question of how do you prefer to hang was widely discussed and it was commonly believed that the choice was to hang separately or individually. The macro choice of hanging remains unaffected, the range of micro choice has been expanded.


Of course I am being melodramatic here and most of us will never be hung by the neck until dead, but it would be foolish to imagine that you won’t be hung out to dry for any number of unreasonable reasons. Among them you stand in someones way to advance, you aren’t a team player and team players are uncomfortable around you or even if you have become inconvenient due to your knowledge about what a jack ass your boss really is. It makes no difference if your boss is a jack ass and the fact that the boss knows this only makes it more difficult for them to have you around. Millions are hung out to dry and yet this is a little talked about occurrence, until now. I have used Julian Assange for an example, but it could be you and in fact, it will be some of you

If you have but one life to give, for whom would you give it? Below see one mans answer.

Been nice hanging out with you. 

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Chinese-American Corporations: Money and Politics -Citizen Editorial Cartoons

January 2nd, 2011
by Saint Peter II


Critical Failure To Recognize That The Community and Business Have Diffrerent Intesrts 

The most prominent example of a failure to distinguish Wall Street from Main Street can be found in the case of NAFTA and the exuberant rhetoric that promoted it. As perdicted the profits did grow for the business sector, but as Ross Perot said there was that, “sucking sound of the jobs going South.” To be more accurate Ross could have mentioned it would be followed by an even greater sucking sound of jobs going to the Far East, but he made the point well enough and little good it did for employment here.

Certain employment sectors did benefit from the new employment environment.

Some adapt and even though they aren’t Sushi Gardeners, they keep the American dream alive.

Yes, American companies are hiring, but not so much in America. They have found a higher rate of profit in hiring  and moving their plants to foreign countries, the most prominent being China.  They are moving a lot more than equipment and plants, they are moving American technology. This technology is a national resource paid for by American taxpayer who support the schools that educate the people who come up with the technology and the universities where the research is finalized. This is an enormous expenditure , but the requirement of the Chinese  American joint ventures are that American corporations arrive with technology goodies.  Below is a review of some aspects of this unfolding Chinese American relationship and while the outcome is uncertain, it is certain that there is a lot more to come, but not our way.

   Is there such a thing as Corporate loyalty, except to profit?

One of the little discussed outcomes of the Supreme Court Decision to allow anonymous Corporate funding of political candidates is that it will become harder to know if the candidates are being bought domestically or are they internationally purchased? Just whose pocket are they in? Right now it’s simple to tell who belongs to who and if any doubt exists throw a dart at the Fortune 500 list and you can’t be far off.

While there is a lot of pain on Main Street, the good news is that our betters here and in China are finding common ground and a level of camaraderie that transcends minor issues like capitalism and socialism

Here’s how some are feeling and this is before Sen Sanders pried the information about who got TARP money and found we had TARPed McDonald’s, Caterpillar and General Electric.

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Middle East Unsettled in ’10

December 31st, 2010
by Saint Peter II

Hopelessly Balkanized politically, the Palestinians and Israelis danced around the peace table while the world watched and watched and watched, but that’s all that happened. This should be a surprise to no one who has followed such efforts from Shuttle Diplomacy to the evangelical exhortation made by our own Hillary. Nothing . Zip. Nada. This is no reflection on the majority of Israelis or Palestinians who have about as much say in the matter as Americans have about the Muslim Wars. Nothing. Zip. Nada. The situation was discussed by Misters Drip & Drop, hosts o the 6:01 news.  

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The New Job

December 29th, 2010
by Saint Peter II

New hires are widely heralded in the mainstream media and this week the hiring of 6000 by a dollar store chains was the primo subject  financial pages desperate to find signs of a recovery.


The new job.

Yes a preparation for economic collapse is in place and has been for decades. One can easily argue that it has become more frantic recently or maybe the chickens are just getting closer to home and the roosting is at hand. It has to do with misplaced priorities and mistaken ideas of what benefits the community compared to what benefits business. I am not anti-business, but all things in their place. The profits of major corporations and the rise in the market are seen as indications of recovery, but there is a huge difference between what is good for American companies and what is good for the American economy. “What’s changed is that companies today are getting top talent in emerging economies, and the U.S. has to really watch out,” says Columbia University’s Jeffery Sachs. “We are not fulfilling the educational needs of our young people. In a globalized world, there are serious consequences to that.” Some comments on the net articles outlining our position and current disadvantages bring out the old “love it or leave it” Ra-Ra mantra that’s not going to cut the mustard, to put it in terms familiar to the “love it or leave it” crowd. We must do what we have historically failed to do, that is to invest in our schools; even if they aren’t in wealthy districts. We need the possibilities that are inherent in all out population. We can no longer afford, in the financial sense and never could afford in human terms, throw away populations. To compensate for today’s social realities class size must be reduced to 12 in K-6. Painful as this is to our Rambo types we may have to give up a few of our wars to finance our schools, for schools read future. There is an alternative, we can fail to adapt and to find out more about that alternative you can just ask the next dinosaur you meet.

It all begin in the schools that were designed for and worked well for the middle class and above, but in a different era. It was an era where there was a middle class.

Teaching conformity and jumping jacks didn’t seem to cut the mustard and now we might think about nurturing the individuals, however unorderlythat may appear to the obsessive cumpulsives who prowl the school corridors looking for signs of individuality that so threaten them.

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Placebo Sale, Medicinal and Social Placebos

December 23rd, 2010
by Saint Peter II

The widespread use of placebos both in the medical and political world can only be expected to grow and demand increase. Smart drug stores are running specials on placebos and political placebos to heal the socially inflicted illness are especially popular this season. 

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