January 29th, 2011
by Saint Peter II

In none of his rulings has Clarence Thomas shown any mercy for those in a tight spot and now the question of mercy has come home to roost. Should Clarence be shown mercy for what can only be a long term tax scam? Should he be allowed to slide or should other factors be taken into consideration and seen as mitigating circumstances? The first thing that comes to mind is that Clarence can plead that he can’t read what is in front of him and that claim would seem to have merit. He could also plead that he simply doesn’t know what he is doing and that’s another strong argument. In any even he can plead that he not be required to repay that taxes he owes due to services rendere3d to the country as discussed by Misters Drip & Drop of The 6:01 news below. 

Above all with respect to Clarence it needs to be remembered that just because someone is a character doesn’t mean they have character.

 What’s up with the Supreme Court, I mean currently.

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    Ghanaians have been promised a time of great opportunities particularly the youth who have been enjoined to train themselves to take advantage of the train that will be arriving with these opportunities… We watched in awe the high-octane level of adversarial vetting that characterized the choice of the US national security adviser Miss Condelesa Rice for the high office of Secretary of State… The thoroughly horrific inquisition that characterized the nomination and examination of Justice Clarence Thomas for the US Supreme Court some five years ago was another demonstration of the exceptionally high regard that is attached to the handling of sexual harassment in these democracies that we always strive to emulate.

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